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Why choose a Duraball? It’s because Duraballs are

  • Reliable – Australian made
  • Non allergenic – BPA, Latex and Phthalate free
  • Safe – burst resistance reduces injury risk from burst balls
  • Durable – high resistance to stretching, and general wear & tear
  • Robust – resist deformation and return to shape quickly
  • Versatile – suitable for sitting, rehab, exercise and stretching

The benefits of using Duraball

  • Reduce muscular pain – slows the reaction speed of the ball so that the proprioceptive/sensory pathways are stimulated through the entire range of motion
  • Enhance neuro-muscular performance – the ball retains its spherical form and small base of support, thus enhancing the body’s stabilisation response
  • Personal safety & value – promotes safety and long effective ball life